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Classification of the sensors

According to the environment

  • Interior application
  • Outdoor air application
  • Duct mount
  • Immersion
  • Strap-mount
  • Quick-response sensors
  • Cable type
  • Radiation type

According to the output signal

  • Resistive
    Pt. Ni
    NTC, PTC
  • Current – output 4 ÷ 20 mA
  • Voltage – output 0 ÷ 10 V
  • Digital

    protocol ModBus RTU
    protocol ARION

  • PWM output
  • Frequency output

    programmable 1 Hz ÷ 20 kHz

According to the sensor element type

  • Nickel types

    Ni1000/5000 ppm (Landis & Gyr)
    Ni1000/6180 ppm (AMIT, SAUTER, SAIA, TECO)
    Ni891 (Johnson Controls)
    Ni10000/5000 ppm

  • Platinum types


  • NTC - thermistor types

    NTC 3kΩ (Siemens)
    NTC 5kΩ (Elfatherm)
    NTC 10kΩ (Honeywell, Johnson Controls)
    NTC 20kΩ (Honeywell)
    NTC 22kΩ (ESBE)

  • KTY types


  • Special

    TMP112 communication I2C
    SHT21 communication I2C

REGMET s.r.o. - development, manufacture and sale of components for the measuring and control technology
We offer: - temperature, humidity, flooding and pressure sensors - industrial electronic thermostats - interior controllers and thermostats - transmitters and other devices suitable for air conditioning, heating control systems, energy, homebuilding, etc.
We produce temperature sensors which are fully compatible with control systems of following company: TECO, SIEMENS, SAUTER, SAIA, LANDIS & GYR, JOHNSON CONTROLS, TREND CONTROLS, AMIT, STAEFA CONTROLS etc.